Q&As: Fast Recovery Area (II)

(Q) What initialization parameters are used to configure a Fast Recovery Area?

  • DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST - specifies default location for fast recovery area.
  • DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE - specifies (in bytes) the hard limit on the total space to be used by target database recovery files created in the fast recovery area
  • (optional) DB_FLASHBACK_RETENTION_TARGET -Specifies the upper limit (minutes) on how far back in time the database may be flashed back.

(Q) Can you configure the Fast Recovery Area on an ASM disk group?

  • Yes

(Q) How large should you configure the Fast Recovery Area?

  • At an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, it should be large enough to containt the archived redo logs not yet on tape.
  • Scenario:
    • If you use incrementally updated backups and set the backup retention policy to REDUNDANCY 1, you can determine the size of the fast recovery area as below:

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