Q&As: Backup with Recovery Manager

(Q) Which statements about using RMAN to perform backups are correct?

  • ( ) You CAN perform incremental backups with RMAN
  • ( ) RMAN detects corrupt blocks and logs in V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION
  • ( ) Automatically establishes name and locations of all files to be backed up
  • ( ) Backups are recorded in the CONTROL FILE, which is the main repository of RMAN metadata.
  • ( ) Optionally, you CAN store backup metadata in a recovery catalog, which should be a schema in a database different of the one backed up.
  • ( ) The primary storage for RMAN repository information for a database is always in the control file of the database. 
  • ( ) RMAN supports proxy copy, a feature that allows a media manager to manage completely the transfer of data between disk and backup media
  • ( ) RMAN backups init parameter file
  • ( ) RMAN DOES NOT backup password and networking files.
  • ( ) RMAN supports a platform-independent language for backups

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