Q&As: Fast Recovery Area (III)

(Q) What types of database files can be stored in the FAST RECOVERY AREA?

  • control file, online redo logs, archived redo logs, flashback logs, and RMAN backups

(Q) What two types of files, with respect to their use by the database, are kept in the FAST RECOVERY AREA?

  • Permanent files – Active files used by the database instance (control file, online redo logs)
  • Transient files – backups that may be deleted according to the retention policy

(Q) What happens if the instance cannot write to a multiplexed copy of the control file stored in the fast recovery area?

  • The instance fails.
  • Failure occurs EVEN if accessibel multiplexed copies are accessible outside the recovery area.

(Q) What is the difference between FLASH RECOVERY AREA and FAST RECOVERY AREA?

  • Just the name. FLASH became FAST with 11g

(Q) When configuring the FAST RECOVERY AREA, what happens if you specify DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST but DO NOT specify DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE?

  • Specifying DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST without specifying DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE is not allowed.

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