Oracle Backup and Recovery solutions

Basic solutions available for a backup and recovery strategy:

Backup techniques: comparison

Feature Recovery Manager User-managed Data Pump exp
Closed database backup Yes. Needs instance Mounted Yes No
Open database backup Need use of BEGIN/END BACKUP Need use of BEGIN/END BACKUP Requires rollback or undo segments
Incremental backup Yes No No
Corrupt block detection Indentifies corrupt blocks and logs in V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION No Identifies corrupt blocks in the export log.
Automatic specification of files to include in a backup Establishes name and location of all files to be backed up Files must be located and copied manually n/a
Backup repository Backups recorded in the control file. You Can store backup metadata in a recovery catalog. DBA needs to keep records. n/a
Backup to a media manager Yes. RMAN also supports proxy copy. Backup to tape is manual or controlled by media manager. Not supported.
Backup init.ora file Yes Yes No
Backup password and networking files No Yes No
Platform-independent language for backups Yes No yes

Flashback features: Logical and Physical levels

Oracle Flashback features
requires flashback data archiving. OFF for all tables (default).
Turn it on for individual tables
Operate at the logical level, using undo data.
Oracle flashback query Specify target time. Run queries. Results displayed as they would have appeared at the target time.
Oracle flashback version query View all version of rows that existed in a table within a time range
Oracle flashback transaction query View changes made by a single transaction
Oracle flashback transaction Reverse a transaction. Wow.
Oracle flashback table Recover table or set of tables to a point in time.
Oracle flashback drop Reverse the effects of a drop table.
Flashback database (RMAN: FLASHBACK DATABASE)
operates at the physical level. Uses flashback logs.
Can be used against specific data files.
More efficient than database point-in-time recovery.
Faster because does not require datafile restor.
Uses flashback logs. Not enabled by default.
Need a fast recovery area congifured.
You can set guaranteed restore points (alias for an SCN).

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